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Benito's Hat - 56 Goodge Street, London W1T 4NB

UPDATE N's comment: A great new addition to MexiLondon, Benito's Hat provides fresh, tasty tex-mex fare in the heart of Central London! I had my standard chicken burrito, extra guac, sour cream with pico and it was very tasty. I found it just a tiny bit too small, but it could have been me being particularly hungry that day. Great decor and atmosphere and a really handy location to drop into for lunch or dinner when in town (and if you work near there you are LUCKY people!).

Sorry for the dodgy phone photo - will get some more when I'm next down there.


Chilango - 142 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BP

UPDATE N's comment: Burrito entrepreneur Dan Houghton, the man behind Mucho Mas, seems to be at it again. No info at the moment but will find out more.


Crazy Homies - London W9

N's comment: Very laid back cozy mexican - sat downstairs amongst funky 70s kitsch. Excellent menu, so much so that I wanted to try all of them. Naturally I went for a burrito and it was excellent. Not the biggest burrito in the world, but very tasty and all the right flavours. and not necessarily my favourite London burrito, but a good one. Deb had the soft tacos and they looked time I go I'm definitely trying some of the crab tacos. We also shared a ceviche, which was fantastic. Deb is a bit of a ceviche lover and she was really impressed. Chocolate churros for dessert rounded off a great meal in a relaxed place.

Have eaten here lots since I last wrote. Great place, great food. The soft tacos are the winner for me by a mile. Super tasty and amazing flavours. Three isn't enough so just order lots and give into your cravings - you won't be disappointed.


Cantina Mercado - Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16

Now open since the last update. Not been here yet - if anyone else has, mail me... how was it? what was the menu like? would I like their burritos? :)


Daddy Donkey - Leather Lane market, London EC1 (behind Hatton Garden).

N's comment: Not strictly a restaurant, but this is a personal favourite of mine - if you're anywhere near drop by for a tasty burrito. They operate out of a catering van so it's fantastic for lunchtime burritos if you work anywhere in the City. Easily the tastiest burrito in London for a fiver, and no big sit down needed to fulfil your burrito cravings :) They now do quesadillas and some other yummies. If you're in the City you owe yourself a trip to Daddy Donkey.


El Panzon - London SW9 8LQ

N's comment: Not eaten here yet, although it's high on my list. Bit too far south for me to get to easily - but will definitely go out of my way shortly to try them out.


Freebird Burritos - Exmouth Market (M-Th) London EC1R 4PX, 11am-3pm and Goodge Place, London W1T 4SF (M-F), 11am to 3pm.

Now at Camden Town Market, under the bridge

UPDATE: There's a new heavyweight contender for nickster's personal favourite burrito in town! (Camden Town that is) An absolutely fantastic burrito and as good as any other I've had in London to date. Extremely tasty and filling, so much so I ate there twice in two days (the last time I did that was at Tortilla, a great sign). A word of warning - I found the medium (tomatillo) salsa more like hot, and I've got a fairly robust mouth....authentic and tasty but if you're into your hot stuff, I can only imagine that the hot salsa is fairly close to incendiary :)

I need to get some photos up, but it's easy to find - head to Camden market and it's under the metal bridge. Of course there are locations all over London - I think there's 5 but I have to get details of the others.

Get down there and try one out.....pick a sunny afternoon on a weekend, grab a burrito (and a churro from next door) and head down to sit by the canal. Eat, chill and be merry :)


Green and Red - London E1 6LA

N's comment: Another fantastic find. More bar than fancy restaurant, this place does fantastic authentic Jalisco cuisine. Not tex-mex, but not as 'proper' as Mestizo either. You choose your meat (I've tried the carnitas and carne asada and both were amazing) and then it's a DIY soft taco job. Soooo tasty. Proper chocolate burros spiced with chilli for dessert too. Massive tequila menu for lovers of it.

I've eaten here plenty since the last update too. I love that it's just so easy going and a nice atmosphere, but more importantly great tacos and a never ending supply of tortillas. I don't eat here enough, mainly because it's not that local to me..but I would if I did...


Luradoras - Whitecross Street, EC1

Thanks to Rhonda H. who mails in this tasty new find in Whitecross Street - she thinks it's called Luradoras, but please let me know if this isn't correct. She writes in:

"The reason I'm writing is that I happened upon another Burrito catering Van in 
Whitecross Street, EC1.  Their food  is scrummy and reasonably priced, though 
their menu is not as extensive as Daddy Donkey, who I personally had mixed  
reservations about.  Anyhow, I digress....just thought you might want to add them
to your list.  I believe they are  called Luradoras?, but not entirely sure.  In any 
case, you can't miss them - they got the funkiest catering truck ever."

So...if you're down there keep your eyes peeled for this and let me know how their burritos are :)


Mestizo - London NW1 3EL

N's comment: A proper mexican restaurant in the culinary and gastronomic sense. Excellent authentic food in a beautiful surround. If it's moles you're after, this is the place. If burritos/tacos/tex-mex is more your thing, this isn't the place. Wicked tacos though.



323 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9Q

24 Berwick Street, London, W1


N's comment: Just in from a burrito from the all new Mexicali on Berwick (ex-Beach Burrito Co.). I have to be honest, I found the burrito not a patch on what it was beforehand - smaller, way less tasty and I found myself hungry afterwards. The pico was hardly there and in truth it was just a very bland burrito. Beach Burrito made a mean burrito so I can't understand how it has changed so much. Had a similar experience at the restaurant in Notting Hill. Still an okay burrito compared to many of the rest but it just seems to have lost something along the way. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon - a couple of other readers have mailed in with similar experiences.


MexiFresh (delivery/takeout) - SW London - see site for details

N's comment: Almost made it to trying this south London delivery outfit out, but a delivery mishap robbed me of my burrito. Next time I'm visiting friends in south London will try them again.


Mucho Mas - 27 Upper Street, Islington N1 0PN

UPDATE: Now know as Chilango - see above

mucho mas 1


mucho mas2


Nineteeen Ten

Westfield Shopping Centre, W12 7GE (Unit 2136)

UPDATE: No more info unfortunately - Deb there right now enjoying tacos, and her friend said the burrito was great. No idea personally - will get down there and get photos and try them out.



13 Islington High Street, London N1 9LQ

Tate Modern, Unit 11A, 106 Southwark Street, SE1 0TA

N's comment: Just in from what I consider to be the best burrito in London by a long way. I try to provide honest reviews here and not gush unnecessarily about every place I try but in truth this place is faultless and amazing. Not only is it the best burrito I've ever had in London, I'd go so far to say it rivals and beats some of my favourite places Stateside....yes, it really is THAT good. And it's in London! I guess prayers to the Burrito Gods have been answered. Okay what's so good? I had my favourite - a chicken burrito with guacamole, black beans and mild salsa. Everything, and I do mean everything...from the chicken spices, to the pico, to the salsa, to the very tortilla itself....all super fresh, amazingly tasty and 100% authentic California-style burrito. Not only is the food amazing and quickly prepared (all fresh) but the decor in the restaurant is fantastic. It's dark and cozy but also bright and inviting (yes, I know that's some kind of contradiction but trust's fab). Brandon and Jennifer have taken the London "mex" experience to a whole new level and for me they have hit the winning combination of factors perfectly. This is exactly what London has been waiting for (well, me in particular!!). Head down there now and you'll know exactly what I mean. Then head over to the forum and share your experiences with other MexiLondoners. This is easily my new fave and will be my primary burrito for a very very long time....try it out for yourself and you'll be on the same page that I'm on. Whether you just want to swing by to grab a foil wrapped burrito to eat on the road or back at the office, or to sit down and eat...this is most definitely the place. Darn...I told you I was going to try not to gush but even with my most critical eye this place is faultless...and they've only just opened. Hellishly impressive. Go there now!

Oh, they also serve a mean margarita which I tried being lunchtime and me being on a motorbike meant that a brief sip was all that I dared. Will definitely head back there after hours when my better half is driving...


Wahaca - 66 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HG

Gareth writes in: "Anyway, wanted to plug the Wahaca place that just opened in Covent Garden... I'm sure you're getting a lot of e-mail about it.  Happened upon it yesterday (sunday) at 5 so it was completely dead, but the food was good - really slow service (considering there were only two other people there) but I think they are going for the chilled vibe from the decor (which is open and pleasant).  The marketing materials make a point to distance themselves from 'tex-mex', 'cal-mex' shops and the food definitely tastes more authentic mexican than Beach Burrito... although i still prefer the guac at the old Beach Burrito and I'm a sucker for cal-mex.  My friend and I only had the Pork and Steak burritos, but we both liked them... the cabbage was a bit odd and the pork was a tad dry, but it was solid and I'll be going back for another steak burrito very soon.  Not sure how the small 'street food' plates are but they must be better than taqueria, which I agree is way overrated.  Wahaca's also got the enviro-edge, with recycled everything, vegie-ink printed menus, belu water, free range waiters... but that's pretty normal these days i s'pose. "





Taqueria - London W11 2RS

N's comment: Overpriced, long queues, limited menu, difficult service. What more can I say. There are so many other options open to you in London, try somewhere else. The quality of the food is excellent but the potions are tiny and it's just not worth the visit, imho.



Coming Soon

Nothing else to report as yet....until you mail me that is ;)


Mexican Food Suppliers

El Azteca

The Cool Chile Company (also have stalls at various markets in London - have seen them at Borough Market on a Sunday)

Lupe Pintos (based in Scotland, will deliver overnight - great tortillas!)

MexiGrocer (authentic Mexican ingredients)

Mexican Catering and Cooking Lessons

Sofia Larrinua-Craxton - my girlfriend Debbie took some cooking lessons from Sofia and loved them. She learned a lot and asked me to include Sofia on this list. She has a book published on mexican cooking, provides tuition and also catering. Check out her website if you want to learn how to make proper mexican yourself!

Sofia writes in :

"I wanted to exchange information and to make people aware that good Mexican food is REALLY good and that it can be found in London too! Yes I do teach people how to make Mexican food and I do promote my work by writing, doing workshops and organising events. In fact I am starting a Latin American Club called 'Caminito Social Club' where people can subscribe and be part of a growing community of people that are interested in Latin America. My new set of cookery classes that include Mexican and other subjects can be found on: and I also do private classes and these make an interesting Christmas gift!.... end of adverts here! I also have a blog and maybe we can exchange links and help each other to let people in London how good Mexican food can be.


Sofia Sofia Larrinua- Craxton"

So, all you cooks and foodie types - check out Sofia's website. As I said, Deb loved her lessons and I'm now loving what Deb has learned from Sofia! MMmmmm...proper pico de gallo.... :)