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January 2012

Happy New Year Mexiheads!

As regulars will have noticed, my updates have been sporadic at best. The burrito scene in London has come MILES since Phil Gyford's original blog post way back when, asking the immortal question "why can't you get a decent burrito in London".

Well, many moons later, it's easy to get a great burrito in London. Personally I'm a Tortilla kinda guy. They make the burrito that I'd choose to make for myself if I could. The flavours are as authentic Cali tex mex as I've tasted in London. They are consistently tasty and filling and are my #1 'go to' burrito. And I really do go out of my way to get one these days as I live in Bournemouth now.

There are a myriad of places, not just Tortilla, serving up superb tex-mex/cal-mex/mexican food in London today. Many but not all are listed here as the list is out of date. There are food blogs galore out there to find interesting and good places to eat and so really these pages have served their purpose.

If you have a restaurant that isn't listed, mail me and I'll update it to include it. There's not much value in me creating a review forum or service here with TripAdvisor and so many other sites doing the job pretty well.

Happy 2012



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- Phil Gyford's blog entry


Welcome to MexiLondon!

MexiLondon is a repository for all mexican and tex-mex food lovers, supported by a mailing list. The site originated from Phil Gyford's blog about a lack of decent mexican food in London a few years ago. The comments section of the blog became a forum for the small mexican food loving community in London to swap discoveries and to share recommendations. It seemed like there were enough people interested to warrant something a bit more formalised, so the mailing list and this website have been created to make it easier for us to all communicate - as well as keeping an up-to-date list of mexican places in London.

The Problem: decent mexican food has been scarce! Until recently, your only options for good, wholesome, tasty mexican or tex-mex food has been the mass market chains, like Chiquitos, or the 'bierkeller' types where booze is more important that the food...e.g. Break for the Border. Where could you go to find a decent burrito (not fried!) and not have to deal with a hen night downing pitchers of Sol??! It has been a problem.

The Good News: there have been new places popping up in the past couple of years and there are decent places to be found - but they tend not to get listed in the mainstream directories. So, MexiLondon has been born.

What You Can Do: Read the site, join the mailing list or mail me directly and share your secrets and experiences with all of us :)



p.s. The BEST southwestern tex-mex used to be a place called Zuni Southwestern in Tufnell Park on Fortess Road. Glynis, if you're reading this - PLEASE COME BACK!!! We all miss you and your food too much! Her duck tacos were the stuff of legend, and her chicken burritos were perfection. Last thing I heard she'd moved back to Pasadena because the landlords had upped the rent to unreasonable levels :(

UPDATE: Glynis, if by any wild chance you ever do read this, please get in contact and share with me and Deb your duck taco recipe. I'm serious..!! My absolute favourite in the entire world and I can't find one anywhere...but if I had the recipe I'm sure Deb could nail it...